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Letter to the young psychotherapist

What should be a good psychotherapist? This question is asked to us more and more often. In search of an answer, we turned to the books of Irwin Yaloma (Irvin D. Yalom) and imagined a letter that he could write to novice colleagues. And then they asked to supplement his experts Psychologies.

Dear colleague, dear friend, you are just starting your career. And for me it is the forty -sixth year of practice, and my patients dream, as my hat left in the office is covered with a web. Time is running. Time does not wait

Et encore un lieu controversé. D’une part, où, comme non dans une voiture confortable, les amoureux peuvent rafraîchir leurs sentiments avec des relations sexuelles vives? C’est l’option la plus viagra generique et la plus pratique. D’autre part, votre voiture n’apparaîtra pas si compatible lorsque vous essayez de démontrer les merveilles de l’art de l’amour. Les oreilles et les étirements vous rappelleront alors une passion orageuse pendant une longue période.

. Therefore, I would like to share my knowledge, and as soon as possible. Even if all that I can advise you is “ripening at your pace, seriously, calmly”, not expecting “answers that can be born only from your most secret feeling, at an hour of deep concentration”, as Rilke wrote in “Letters to the young poet “, which I love so much.

Try to abandon diagnoses and medical treatment – these obsessive ideas that today distort our profession. The development of pharmacists will not give an answer to the main questions of being, which bother those who come to us for advice. We will not find these important questions in psychiatry textbooks among schemes and tables, intricate, like a menu in a Chinese restaurant. Our work is to help the patient gradually open up: before us, but first of all in front of himself. The diagnosis narrows the field of view and interferes with seeing a person. Trying to find a universal approach that is suitable for everyone, we lose sight of creativity and individuality, forget that psychotherapy is not only treatment, but also an adventure.

Remember, The secret of success is not so much in resolving the riddles of life, but to create a strong relationship with the one who sits in a chair in front of us. This relationship will become a real healing tool. Yes exactly! I am convinced that relations with other people act on a person no less than his own internal impulses opened by Freud. Establish contact – and you will see how the patient discovers his difficulties, anxieties, suppressing his prohibitions and unrealized internal potential. Do not attach too much importance to the patient’s past: “here and now” are in trusting relationships no less meaning. In any case, he will re-play in a relationship with you what once affected. In these relations, everything will surely come up: current problems and deeply hidden injuries.

Do not lose sight of the goal: eliminating the symptoms, relief of the patient’s suffering, on the one hand, and his personal development, significant changes in character, in the view of himself and the surrounding – on the other. For the sake of this purpose, observe the framework, adhere to the rules that you set to work with it, but do not focus on the theory. Say no formalities! Each life is unique, and therapy needs a special approach to each patient. Many wrote that during therapy, excessive trust should be avoided. However, from experience, I know that when the therapist openly answers personal questions that the patient wants to ask him, this allows him to significantly advance in therapy. Remember the ethics of our profession: never enter into an intimate relationship with the patient. Otherwise, do not refuse anything. Observe: how the patient behaves, entering the office, what comments make about the situation, or your appearance, or fee. Answer him: Tell us how you feel about his comments and what he does, give him an idea of what reactions he causes in his own words and actions. For what? The meaning is this: this way you show the patient the image of himself, different from the one that he has developed (or did not work out);You will help him to carefully look at the mirror into which he has long been resting.

Listen to the patient’s dreams: take something from them, collect them. This is an invaluable source for the study of creative potential, imagination, human poetry. Arrange the emphasis: at the end of the session, ask the patient that he experienced what happened in the past time, in his opinion.

Work! It is very useful to make notes along the session – the topics of the conversation, impression, moments of doubt – and re -read them on the eve of the next meeting. Pause between patients to prepare for the upcoming admission. I would advise at least 10 minutes of break. You are not a robot. Do not fetch yourself, do not give in to the temptation to earn more, do not scatter. Empathy is your vocation, you have no right to treat it casually. Do not deplete your strength. Do not bring yourself to exhaustion. Psychotherapy regularly undergo to restore your internal resources, and also do not forget about food for the mind and soul, dear colleague. Painting, sculpture, music, philosophy, poetry. All means are good, especially those that push your horizon, increase knowledge, open before you the depths of the human psyche, in which the innumerable possibilities of healing are hidden. Because we are the keepers of secrets. And secrets are able to hurt.

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